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Why Use g3?

g3 Direct Mail Advertising is one of the leading providers of direct marketing and mailing solutions. With over 20 years of industry experience, we offer unrivalled client service and value across our comprehensive service range.

Getting the Most from Your Advertising Dollar

Reaching the appropriate target market relative to your product or service generates the most from your direct mail effort. We can help you select the best categories and demographics to reach the greatest number of qualified customers. The overall Return On Investment (ROI) with direct mail is much higher as compared to other channels, such as email marketing. But when combined with these other channels it can be an extremely effective part of a total marketing package.

Mailing List Quality

Using inexpensive, out-dated mailing lists may be the most costly mistake that can be made. High error rates and inaccuracies in these lists easily double the effective cost of a mailing! g3 maintains proprietary residential and business databases of the immediate area. We also create, edit, maintain and update client lists to ensure maximum accuracy. Working with all the major list compilers gives us the ability to target marketing campaigns for our clients anywhere in the U.S. Ask about the availability of specialty lists. If there’s a market for it, there’s a list for it.

Attracting Attention

Size, color, illustration, and content make a direct mail piece attract attention. The mailing expense (processing & postage) is the same for a 4”x6” postcard as it is for a custom 6”x9”.  Ask about our graphic design and reproduction capabilities so you can fully utilize your advertising space on your next direct mail piece. We can also enhance results by suggesting specific offers that will draw in potential business. Additional methods of enhancement would be incorporating email campaigns and landing pages into your next marketing initiative.

Lowest Postal Rates

We always ensure that your postage is the lowest rate possible by using the latest CASS/PAVE certified mailing software made by the industries leading manufacturer. Automation compatibility, Move Update Compliance and proper mail preparation combine to save the maximum amount of money on every direct mail project.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is g3 produces results for our clients. We do what we say we are going to do and our high customer retention rate is a direct result of this. We invite you to discover how g3 can improve your marketing efforts.